Wendy Williams: I Used To Smoke Crack Inside The Radio Station Where I Worked

Wendy Williams is known as the outgoing and vibrant personality on her eponymous talk show, but the 49-year-old said her journey to television fame was nearly derailed by obesity and drug abuse.

The 49-year-old highlighted her rise to prominence on the most recent installment of Centric’s docu-series Being where she detailed the many obstacles that have once plagued her life including the pressures of obesity.

Williams admitted that her weight was an issue even from childhood.

“My weight was a huge issue as a young person. For my mother, for my father, and for my siblings…nobody in my family is overweight. And here I come,” she said. “I was on a diet from first grade on. When I was an adolescent they used to weight me every Friday morning. I would quickly wake up and get dressed so that they couldn’t do it. But nope, ‘take it off, let’s see what you’re working with.’ “

But Wendy Williams was able to overcome her insecurities and started out in a radio career in New York City. But soon she found a new problem — drug abuse.

“First of all, I was burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. Second of all, I had the money and the access and time to be able to do it,” Williams said. “And when I got the job fulltime in New York it was overnights, midnight to 5:30. So now, not only am I in the radio studio by myself, but there’s nobody in the radio station.”

“I could literally lay lines out right there. And I stooped to smoking crack, and that’s no secret. I could literally smoke my crack right there in the studio.”

But today Wendy Williams has overcome those issues, and later this year is moving beyond her work on television. The 49-year-old has written her first romance novel, Hold Me In Contempt. It will be released in April.