Tom Hanks Shoots Cop With Uzi, Hits Strip Clubs, Deals Cocaine In New Gangsta Rap Video

Tom Hanks is not only one of the top movie stars in the world and a two-time Oscar winner, he’s also known as one Hollywood’s nice guys, in an industry where nice guys are generally in short supply. So what could be funnier than Tom Hanks in a gangsta rap video, where he commits a series of depraved and immoral acts ranging from cold-blooded murder to dealing drugs?

That was the idea spawned by the tongue-in-cheek YouTube rappers Buckwheat Groats, who posted their new hip-hop video “Tom Hanks” on March 18. By the following morning, it had more than 62,000 views and with the explosion of online coverage “Tom Hanks” is receiving Wednesday, including the very article you are reading right now, that number is certain to swell geometrically over the next few days.

Even Tom Hanks’ own son, 24-year-old Chester Hanks — who also fancies himself a rapper under the hip-hop name “Chet Haze” — checked out the “Tom Hanks” video and gave it the Hanks family seal of approval.

The actual “Tom Hanks” video is below. We think it’s hilarious, but before you watch it, please be warned — this video is very NSFW! That means, “not safe for work,” for those of you just joining us here on the internet.

In fact, some of the content of the Buckwheat Groats “Tom Hanks” video could be considered offensive.

Wait a minute. Who are we kidding? All of the content of the Buckwheat Groats “Tom Hanks” video could be considered offensive.

But frankly, that’s what makes this video such a laff riot. So if you’re not of an easily offended or sensitive nature — and you’re not at work — slip in your ear buds and check it out.

Be prepared to see Hanks, whose persona as kind of a latter-day Jimmy Stewart earned him Best Actor Oscars for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, and nominations for Cast Away and Big, gunning down a cop with an Uzi, getting a lap dance from Meg Ryan as well as other sexual favors from anonymous women, running a cocaine dealing operation, and generally acting like a thug.

The video also contains plenty of profanity, including such lyrics as “Suck my m************ d***, b****, I’m Tom Hanks!”

Also look for a cameo by Tom Hanks’ buddy and sometime business partner Stephen Spielberg slapping a stripper’s butt cheek.

It’s all done with CGI, of course — and pretty crude CGI at that. But the amateurish quality is part of the joke. So if your eyes and ears can take it, watch “Tom Hanks,” below.