PS4 Video Game Recording Possible With Upcoming Firmware Update

PS4 video game footage will soon be given the chance to be recorded for later. An upcoming firmware update for the PlayStation 4 will allow game footage to be recorded and stored at HD resolution on a USB storage device, or shared via HDMI.

This will be a refreshing way to save time if you’re one of those gamers who don’t want to just upload the scaled down captured footage to Twitch as is. Unlike the Xbox One, however, you still won’t be able to record yourself using the camera. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Twitch stopped supporting PS4 camera streaming because some users were sharing borderline pornography.

However, if you’re considering just capturing gameplay for things like YouTube reviews and Let’s Play videos, the upcoming firmware update will finally give PlayStation 4 owners the chance. This won’t be your standard 480p video supported mostly by low-end smartphones, either. The footage capable will be 720p, the new standard demanded by video connoisseurs and those who watch captured footage with their computer through an HDTV.

The method involved in capturing the footage is simply using the Share button. No more high-tech hacker workaround will be necessary to get your gameplay of inFamous: Second Son, Final Fantasy 14, and DC Universe Online on a flash drive for further editing.

Yes, the upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update will allow you to turn off the HDCP setting. HDCP currently prohibits the transfer of copyrighted content via HDMI to external devices. The update will also allow the storage of 720p video on USB devices, a standard many video reviewers will find refreshing and convenient.

Not only is Sony working on allowing PS4 video games to be recorded for later, but they are expecting to boost the resolution on Twitch to the standard 720p. This is something that Xbox One owners have already had available, and this time Sony is the one catching up. This is certainly an unusual twist in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war.

It is yet unknown how long it will be before the PlayStation 4 firmware update hits with these improvements, but PS4 video games will eventually be much easier to edit and share wherever and whenever you want.

Prepare yourself. The next level of PlayStation 4 video game sharing is coming.

[image via amazon]