Russian Roulette Story Questioned in Scott Ruffalo Case

Police have called Shaha Mishaal Adham’s story of Russian Roulette into question, which her lawyer claimed to have been the cause of Scott Ruffalo’s death earlier this week. According to celeb news source, the authorities encountered two loaded guns in Scott Ruffalo’s condo after he suffered a gunshot wound to the head. Law enforcement were called to the scene for an assault, and not an accidental death or a suicide.

TMZ’s video of Shaha Mishaal Adham and Brian Scofield have them explaining that they have been “villified” and saying that “the truth will come out.” I don’t think you’re supposed to speak with random paparazzi interviewers because it makes your lawyer’s job that much harder, but then again, these two don’t seem to be the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Sources say that cops are suspicious because Scott Ruffalo was shot in the back of the head (kind of weird for Russian Roulette, no?), and that paramedics were not aware of the wound until they were en route to the treatment facility.

The plot thickens!