The Old Republic Galactic Strongholds Player Housing Expansion Announced

Galactic Strongholds is the latest expansion to the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. Galactic Strongholds will allow players to create and furnish their own housing in the free-to-play game when the expansion jumps in from hyperspace in June.

The purpose behind the Galactic Strongholds expansion will be for players, “to show off their own personal style and expand their influence by acquiring and customizing personal Strongholds.” Players will be able to have multiple houses on different planets as well as a prestigious apartment in the heart of their faction’s capital world. Much like housing in other MMOs, players will be able to purchase hundreds of unique decorations to put a personal stamp on the custom domicile. A directory of Strongholds will be based on a Prestige score and players will compete for the top ranking.

If you have friends in the game and want to socialize, friends can be invited and transported to your Stronghold from any in-game location. In addition to transporting friends to one of your galactic Strongholds, guilds can now launch Guild Flagships where members can socialize and plan guild activities or hold dark and sinister council meetings with your new Cathar characters.

As an incentive to join the subscription base of the free-to-play game, players who sign up for a subscription as of April 2nd will receive 500 Cartel coins. Subscribers as of May 4th will receive 1,000 Cartel coins which are used to purchase items within Star Wars: The Old Republic without having to have a subscription. Currently the only way to receive cartel coins is to have an active subscription or purchase them using real world money.

For those players who have a subscription as of May 11th, they will be able to access the expansion early on June 24, 2014 and also receive a “luxurious Nar Shadda Sky Palace” with 3 rooms unlocked upon receipt. This is a 1,500,000 in game credit value for the prestigious galactic stronghold. Preferred Status players will gain early access on July 29 and the public will have access later in August when the expansion is released in its entirety.

Full details of The Old Republic Galactic Strongholds expansion for player housing can be found on the official Press Release.