PS4 Vs Xbox One: PS4 In Stock Limitations Could Be Why Xbone Is Catching Up

As the PS4 vs Xbox One console war continues, there is much debate over which console is selling better. One month, the PlayStation 4 is selling twice as many as the Xbone, and the next month, Xbox One is catching up.

It could be the limitations of PS4 in stock which could be giving the Xbox One its edge, in spite of all of the technical chatter. While Sony may not have been up front about the PlayStation 4’s native resolution, the PlayStation 4 continues to outperform the Xbox One in nearly every comparison. However, the recent reveal of the Titanfall Xbox One graphics drop hasn’t stopped the game from giving Microsoft’s machine a sudden boost in sales.

As we have stated before, one of the key components in any console war is the games, and PS4 vs Xbox One is no different. We may claim graphics as the reason our consoles are better, but if the machine doesn’t play the games you want, you won’t buy it. Late adapters especially will judge their purchase based on price and game selection.

Sony has reportedly experienced a recurring shortage of PS4 in stock. We can only assume that it’s either because gamers are buying it as soon as it hits the shelves, or because the PlayStation 4 was built too quickly at launch and there was a need to slow down and make them right. The launch of Sony’s current generation console was plagued with enough “blue light of death” scenarios to give us a dreary reminder of the similar early Xbox 360 days.

The “blue light” problem may have been because the first batch were allegedly rushed out by people willingly sabotaging the console over working conditions. Despite this, the PS4 vs Xbox One console war still saw Sony winning at nearly ever turn in 2013.

Microsoft’s console hasn’t fared so well due to poor marketing. They may have been more honest than Sony, but their insistence toward focusing on the social and TV aspects of the machine told us they didn’t care as much about the games.

While the recent surge of sales indicates that the lack of a Titanfall PS4 port is pushing the Xbox One more than ever, only time will tell if the Titanfall Xbox One bundle will be enough to compete later on. With the upcoming Planetside 2 PS4 port in the works, and Titanfall 2 probably not being Xbox One exclusive, the biggest limitation to PlayStation 4 sales could once more be the number of PS4 in stock.

Which console do you think will win in PS4 vs Xbox One sales this year?