Google opens up Adsense for Domains: now more people can typosquat and make money!

Google Adsense for Domains, Google’s dormant domain ad service has opened its doors to more users.

The program inserts Google ads relevant to the domain on unusued URL’s, creating a landing page of relevant links. Well, that’s the polite version. In reality it encourages domain squatting and typo squatting and millions of pages of rubbish, although some operators are worse than others.

The service was previously available only to users with large domain portfolio’s over a certain size, where as now the doors are open to anyone within North America with an Adsense account, with other countries to follow.

Would I use it on a domain I’m not using? Yes, happily. However there’s some irony in Google being the biggest ad provider in a space that is best know for its proliferation of spam web pages. This business is the equivalent of Google being a church, and running an adult book store at the same time next door to the church.