Kanye West And Jay Z Perform Showstopping Set At SXSW

Looks like Kanye West and Jay Z really rocked the house over at SXSW. West and Jay, arguably the two greatest rappers of this current generation took to the stage to give a rousing and energetic performance at the festival that mixes film, music, and tech together.

Earlier in the week Samsung announced that the pair were hitting the stage at the same time that Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q were taking their show to the ACL Moody Theater. In a way it’s very symbolic as Jay Z and Kanye West are in a unique position of ushering in the new talent that we have to look forward to for the next ten years or so.

The show featuring Kanye West and Jay Z was surrounded by the buzz of Samsung’s new technology which allows people to stream new music on their streaming service called Milk Music. Those fans who had these capable Samsung devices were let into the concert for free. Otherwise we imagine a ticket to enter the show might have cost a pretty penny.

Either way Jay Z and Kanye West’s set was a hot ticket as it was reported that fans were lined up around the block for several hundred yards in hopes that they can get access to the legendary hip hop duo’s show. Famous fans were also hopeful, including Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator, who had to cancel his show due to the deadly incident that happened when an alleged drunk driver plowed through a crowd that injured 23 people and killed 2 people at the festival.

During Kanye West and Jay Z’s show Tyler, The Creator made his way to the front row and posed for pictures with fans. In addition the rapper really got in on the fun by reportedly crowd surfing during the energetic performance by the most sought after talents of the Hip Hop game.

As for the songs they performed, Kanye and Jay didn’t disappoint. West in his leather kilt and Jay Z in a black American flag t-shirt performed their songs off of their collaboration album Watch the Throne, including fan favorites such as “No Church in the Wild” “N—-s in Paris” “Who Gon Stop me” and the popular single “Otis.” The two seemed to borrow from West’s visual act that’s been used to promote his album Yeezus. As the two performed pictures of Doberman pinschers were projected off of a screen and around a stage bound box.

Although they performed fan favorites when it came to confirming a follow up to their Watch The Throne album, there was no clues given.

[Image credit: Urbanmashup]