Lil’ Boosie Gives Stamp of DISAPPROVAL of Daughter’s Use of the N-Word

Lil’ Boosie caused quite a stir last week when he was released from prison on Wednesday, Mar. 5. However, his release wasn’t the only thing that made headlines. His daughter also claimed a glint of the media spotlight for her viral Instagram video.

The 15-second clip captured the rapper’s daughter exuding her excitement upon hearing about her father’s release from prison. While her excitement was definitely expected, her choice of words took some viewers by surprise. She ranted and raved about her father’s homecoming. However, she also used the N-word repeatedly to get her point across.

“I told y’all ni**as! I told y’all ni**as!,” she said in reference to her father being released from prison. “Y’all thought I was playing, but I told you! Boosie coming home today, he coming home today, he coming home today. Told y’all! Y’all better believe it. The streets is his!”

The video, which has received more than 65,000 likes since it was posted to the rapper’s official Instagram account, quickly began receiving mixed reviews. Although some fans found the video to be quite comical, others found it relatively offensive. However, no one actually had any idea what Boosie personally thought of the video. So, decided to ask him.

According to EurWeb, the rapper briefly spoke with the publication following his press conference, which took place on Monday, Mar. 10. Although he’s ecstatic about his release, he did express his disdain for his daughter’s use of the N-word.

He made it clear that such language would not be tolerated from his kids. He also stated that he discovered her use of the word when he saw the video on Instagram. But, despite his disapproval, he also shared that he actually understood why she used the word to express herself.

“I was too happy to fuss. You know, after that I told her I didn’t want her saying the word,” Boosie told “But, she was one of those that went through ‘your daddy ain’t coming home’, ‘yo daddy this’ in schools and such. So, I think it was just when I called her and told her I was coming home, I think it was all the stuff she went through coming out. I didn’t know she had it in her.”