Lil’ Boosie Probation Hearing Sets The Tone For His Next Four Years

Lil’ Boosie is a free man. However, he’s not completely out of the woods just yet. On Thursday, March 13, the Trill Entertainment rapper appeared for his first court-ordered hearing since his highly publicized release from Angola last week on Wednesday, March 5.

According to WAFB News, Boosie, whose real name is Torrance Hatch, had District Judge Chip Moore lay the ground rules for the 31-year-old rapper’s four-year probationary period.

The publication reports that Boosie’s sentence included 100 hours of community service and submission to random drug tests over the next four years. The rapper’s lawyer, Louis Unglesby, weighed in briefly with the publication with his perspective of the rapper’s relatively optimistic future ahead.

“I really think that his future will be quite bright and he will eventually be making Baton Rouge proud,” Unglesby said. “He certainly got all the benefits that the prison system has to offer and ideally he will have a very successful career that will benefit everyone,” he added.

On Monday, March 10, Boosie spoke for the first time at his highly anticipated press conference. The “Swerve” rapper who recently inked a deal with Atlantic Records, shared a number of details about his incarceration, and the next steps he plans to take to move forward. He also revealed that he will be leaving his hometown of Baton Rouge to become a permanent resident of New Orleans.

“He’s going to have to give speeches in New Orleans,” Unglesby explained. “The judge feels like he could be a positive influence on young children in terms of the necessity of children avoiding some of the trouble they find themselves getting into periodically.”

During the press conference, Boosie revealed that he had written over 1,000 and is currently working on his upcoming album. He’s also in the process of developing a homecoming celebration tour, which is tentatively scheduled to start sometime in April.

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