Alex Trebek Tells Conan O’Brien: ‘I Think You Are Starting To Lose It’

Alex Trebek, the well-known host of Jeopardy! got a small slice of revenge on Conan O’Brien during a recent episode of Conan. The reason for Trebek’s revenge stunt on Conan was due to a recurring sketch he does called “Alex Trebek has gone insane.” In that sketch, he splices together clips from Jeopardy! which make Trebek sound more than a little crazy.

Trebek’s revenge came after Conan opened the segment of the show with one of those clips, poking fun at Trebek, just before he was joined on stage by the man himself. Alex Trebek, who is now 76 years-old, came on stage and wagged his finger disapprovingly at Conan.

He then proclaimed: “I’m worried about you. I’ve been listening to some of your monologues lately and I’m concerned. I think you are starting to lose it.”

With that, Trebek played his own little video clip which featured Conan spliced together, also sounding mad and not making much sense: “Miami police announced they’re releasing a video of Justin Bieber urinating in his jail cell. Yeah, it was the first time toddlers were able to plant their crack pipes right there in the top of another dog’s butt,” he said.

Just to make sure he went out with a bang, Alex Trebek ended his appearance on Conan with a raunchy spliced statement warning Conan: “The ex-president of Ukraine, James Van Der Beek, often massages weasels…” he said.

Whichever way you splice, it the Alex Trebek appearance on Conan was a classic, and the whole revenge thing was well deserved, we think. Did you see the Jeopardy! host on Conan? If you did, tell us what you thought of his sketch in the comments feed provided below.