3 Year Old Mateo Gives Convincing Argument For Eating Cupcakes [Video]

A video of a three-year-old kid putting up a convincing argument so that his mom offers him cupcakes for dinner has gone viral. The video titled “My 3 year old must argue and debate everything!” was uploaded to YouTube on February 19, 2014 and has ramped up close to a million views in less than a month, reports Time. It was put up by Linda Beltran and features her son, Mateo dressed in a green t-shirt, jeans and shoes.

While most part of the serious sounding conversation is unintelligible, you will sure hear some occasional gems. The most hilarious bit being the moment at the 1:42 second mark in the video when Mateo begins to call his mother “Honey, Linda, honey, honey, lookit, look at this”!, and tries convincing her.

Linda Beltran works as a Customer Support Executive at UberConference, the company famous for its free conferencing App for computers and smartphones. In a post on the UberConference blog, Linda has detailed the circumstances that led to the making of this video.

According to her, the night this video as captured, Mateo was with his grandmother from where he was picked up by Linda. She was told that Mateo had refused to have dinner while being there and was adamant on not having anything to eat. Linda wanted to let him know that it wouldn’t be a fun night for him, should he decide not to have his dinner. In the meantime, Mateo had also come across some cupcakes at home which caught his attention. Least interested in having the “boring” dinner, Mateo puts up a spirited defense and tries to explain why he thinks he should be allowed to have them first.

Linda on the other hand wanted Mateo to have his dinner first and then the cupcakes. This was before she actually captured the video. While Mateo was still at convincing Linda and his grandmother who was by her, she decides to grab her phone and capture the now famous video. Linda had to keep a straight face to ensure that Mateo doesn’t realize he was being filmed. She pretended to be busy with her phone while talking to him as well.

For people who are bothered about the kid calling his mother by name, Linda explains that it was during a theme park visit that the family realized that their kids were so used to calling them “mommy” and “daddy” that they didn’t know their parents’ real names. The family taught both Mateo and his little brother Kevin (referred to as PaPas) in the video their parents names – and they use the same when they have something of grave importance to be told. For most part, the parents are still “mommy” and “daddy” to them.

The adorable video is 2:35 minutes long and definitely worth a watch!