Juan Pablo Becomes Most Hated ‘Bachelor’ Ever, Is It Fair?

Juan Pablo Galavis created a storm of controversy when he picked Nikki Ferrell, but didn’t propose or tell her “I love you” as other “Bachelors” have done in previous seasons of the reality TV show.

The internet went crazy with people calling “the Bachelor” every name in the book, however, some believe that he was right not telling his girl he loved her if he didn’t feel that way.

What angered viewers — mostly female — who follow the show religiously is that Juan Pablo — a former pro soccer player of Venezuelan descent and first Latin to take on the role — sent Clare Crawley home in tears.

Not only that but the Clare revealed that during one rare private interaction with the 32-year-old former favorite while on a romantic helicopter ride, he made an overly sexual comment to her that she found offensive and she couldn’t wait to get away from the man.

“As the helicopter’s landing, we have a rare moment together with no cameras, nobody there with us and Juan Pablo leaned over and whispered something to me. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. It was insulting, it was offensive and it just made me feel awful.”

Us Weekly reports a source confirmed what Juan Pablo whispered in Clare’s ear: “I love f***ing you but I don’t know you.”

The source also says that Clare couldn’t be more relieved that she wasn’t picked by Galavis and told him clearly she was glad that he wouldn’t be the father of her children. Ouch.

Juan Pablo did tell her publicly that he regretted the time they spent swimming together and how glad he was to not have chosen her, which many viewers found overly harsh.

The “most hated Bachelor in history” has defended himself saying that he was just being honest and that is part of his personality, which sometimes people don’t like.

“I’m not 100 percent sure I want to propose to you. But at the same time I’m 100 percent sure that I don’t want to let you go,” Juan Pablo told Ferrell the “winner” who didn’t get the ring. “I like you a lot. A lot.” he added winking at her while looking into her eyes.

Viewers felt cheated and declared Juan Pablo Galavis the worst “Bachelor” contestant ever and many other colorful adjectives when they took to Twitter to express their opinion as you can see in the live feed that is still super hot with comments about the latest season.

But is it fair to label Juan Pablo the worst contestant ever? Isn’t he just being honest and not rushing into something he isn’t sure about? After all, some past contestants proposed to their pick and professed their undying love only to break up later on. Tell us what you think.

[Image via metrodiario.com]