Emily Kinney From ‘The Walking Dead’ On Beth & Daryl: ‘I Just Remember It Getting Really, Really Hot.’

The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney, who plays zombie survivor Beth Greene, described her scenes with co-star Norman Reedus in a very incendiary way: “I just remember it getting really, really hot.”

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

But before anyone jumps to conclusions, the twenty-eight year old actress/musician was not referring to the potential pairing of their Walking Dead characters, playfully referred to by online shippers as “Bethyl” or “Beryl” but rather to a previous season four episode in which Reedus’ Daryl Dixon joined Beth in torching a cabin. And according to an interview with MTV.com, a Beth and Daryl romance may not actually be in the cards:

“Anything is possible,” Kinney told MTV.com of a “Bethyl” romance. “But they’re up against a lot.”


Kinney went on to describe The Walking Dead‘s most buzzed about potential romance:

“I think it says something about these characters feeling very lonely. And it makes me happy that the audience is sort of picking up on that, that these two are people that need someone because they are both very alone in a certain way. So it makes sense to me that they would hope that each of them would find someone.”

Kinney it seems however, is just as in the dark as the audience as to whether The Walking Dead‘s Beth and Daryl will eventually become a “Beryl” or not:

“But I don’t know what’s going to happen. I do feel after this last episode [of The Walking Dead] that Daryl and Beth know each other on a deeper level, in a more intimate way. I think they both feel they’re on the same team, that they’re fighting together. I don’t think they feel as alone as they did before.”

And considering the events of the most recent Walking Dead episode, the shippers who are begging to see Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene get together may have to wait a lot longer than they hoped. After the two found themselves a safe shelter within a funeral home, it seemed like they were finally about to make “Bethyl” a reality.

Instead, a swarm of walkers forced the pair out of their sanctuary. Split up, the camera followed Reedus’ Daryl Dixon down into the basement of the funeral home where he fought and eventually escaped from the horde of zombies. As he got outside however, he – and every other “Beryl” shipper alive – watched as Kinney’s Beth Greene was kidnapped by an unknown entity, their getaway car spitting dust in Daryl Dixon’s face.

So in the end, the question of whether The Walking Dead‘s Beth Green and Daryl Dixon romance takes flight will have to wait at least one more week.

[Image Via AMC]