Doris Day To Celebrate 90th Birthday With Auction To Benefit Animals

Doris Day, one of the most celebrated, beautiful and elegant actresses to ever grace Hollywood, will celebrate her impending 90th birthday with an auction to benefit animals.

Day said in a statement, which was released via her spokesman, Charley Walters, that she doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday anymore with gifts and cards, and instead admitted, “I’m all about the four-leggers.”

Day doesn’t actually turn 90 until April, but Walters confirmed on Tuesday that her nonprofit group, Doris Day Animal Foundation, will mark the occasion with a gathering. The event will take place in Carmel, California, which is where Day has called home

The sold-out fundraising soiree will be held at Day’s Cypress Inn, and it will feature a doggie fashion show, as well as an adoption event. It will also include a tribute dinner for fans and friend, which will take place on April 4.

You will be able to bid online for various items, some of which have been autographed by Day’s closest celebrity friends, which include Tony Bennett and Paul McCartney. Online bidding will cease on April 1.

Since Day dropped out of show business she has devoted herself to helping out animals and their welfare. Her statement saw her note, “There is so much work still to do to rescue animals, and to inform people about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.”

Walters also revealed that she was actually born on April 3, 1924, which is at odds with several sources that have listed her birth year as 1923. Walters cleared up the dilemma by explaining that as a teenager Day used to say that she was a variety of different ages in order to get work, which led to the confusion.

Between the 1940s and 1960s Day starred in over three dozen films, as well as recording several hit songs such as “Que Sera, Sera,” which helped turn her into a global megastar. Most recently a compilation album of her song, My Heart, was released back in 2011.

[Image via Unknown/Wikimedia]