Grump Of Thrones: Grumpy Cat Invades Game Of Thrones [VIDEO]

Mashable has been busy over the last few days with epic media. This time, they collaborated with HBO to combine the show, Game of Thrones, with Grumpy Cat. From the alchemy fires of mixing it up, “Grump of Thrones” is born.

Earlier this day (March 11, 2014), The Inquisitr reported Mashable‘s “80s Awareness” public service announcement brought by Kevin Bacon. Now the company behind that phenomenal video is making a treasure trove of picture memes of Grumpy Cat sitting on the iron throne from the famous HBO series at SXSW, as reported by the Huffington Post. This may be in respects that season four of Game of Thrones will be airing in less than a month on April 6th.

This is not the first time something comedic was made centered around the hit series. The Simpsons did their animated parody of its opening for one of their episodes. One of the specials on the blu-ray for season one was Sansa, Arya, and Bran doing acapella of the opening.

Mashable also included a “making of” video of the memes. It looks like they had a hectic time trying to keep Grumpy Cat on the chair made of sharp pointy swords. Also included above is a gallery of all the memes, thus far, made from the collaboration. Don’t forget to show your support with the hashtag shown below!

[Images via Mashable and Facebook]

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