Skrillex: New Album ‘Recess’ Released In ‘Alien Ride’ Mobile Game

Skrillex’s new album Recess has been released, much to the cheers of dubstep fans everywhere. However, it’s not yet available in any form music is usually released.

A mobile game which plays a lot like Asteroids is where the latest Skrillex album can be found for now, and it’s an Easter Egg. Alien Ride invites you to “realize your true potential” by “unlocking new features and shooting your way to a high score.” The game does not mention Skrillex at all in its description, other than the familiar three line logo in the game art and a blurb about “killer audio.”

The eleven track album is hidden in Alien Ride, each song available only as an unlockable track for achieving various goals in the game. The songs allegedly stream after you win them, though according to some reviews it doesn’t quite work right. This could be due to players overloading the servers to the point where streaming isn’t possible, or simply a bad mobile connection. With a review score currently at 4.5 (948 reviews on Google Play as I write this), it seems the gamers are generally happy with the game.

'Alien Ride' contains Skrillex's 'Recess' album
'Alien Ride' contains Skrillex's 'Recess' album

At the end of the game, it offers you the chance to pre-order the download of Skrillex’s new album Recess. The eleven track collection is the first full length Skrillex album since 2011’s Grammy award winning release Bangarang.

For those of you who don’t want to use up the space on your phone and try your hand at streaming the songs as you unlock them, the album itself will see a more conventional release on March 18.

Skrillex’s Recess could be what the dubstep genre needs to bring it back to the forefront. Most artists arguably lack that certain something that Skrillex so easily brings to dubstep to make it an enjoyable form of entertainment.

As usual, Skrillex’s new album is packed with contributions from other musicians such as Diplo, Alvin Risk, and Kill The Noise, with only two tracks out of the eleven lacking collaborative efforts.

Dubstep isn’t everybody’s kind of music, but for those who enjoy it, Skrillex’s Recess is a whole new reason to get excited and drop the bass once more. Could it be enough to make Alien Ride the Flappy Bird killer?

[images via Helga Esteb /, doandroidsdance]