Lil’ Boosie Instagram Video Goes Viral: Video Shows His Daughter Screaming ‘I Told Yall N****s!’

Lil’ Boosie has been trending quite a bit these days with his release from prison. However, he’s gone viral yet again for another reason – his daughter. Upon his March 5 release, a short video was posted to his Instagram account. The video captured the “Swerve” rapper’s daughter expressing her happiness of her father coming home.

While most would assume the video would be relatively innocent, some were actually offended by the racial slurs the child used. His young daughter freely used the N-word while adults can be heard laughing at her actions in the background of the video. The caption for the video read, “Boosie’s daughter wanted to tell y’all something.”

“I told y’all ni**as! I told y’all ni**as!,” she said in reference to her father being released from prison. “Y’all thought I was playing, but I told you! Boosie coming home today, he coming home today, he coming home today. Told y’all! Y’all better believe it. The streets is his!”

The video, which has received more than 64,000 likes on Instagram, has since gone viral. Several media outlets have shared the video, and it has circulated around a number of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. However, it has received mixed reviews. While some fans have found the video relatively comical, others are appalled by the negative connotation the child is allowed to verbalize. Lots of fans have take to Twitter to share their opinion of the video.

While no one has openly challenged the content of the video, it is relatively similar to the video of the cursing toddler who received national attention back in January. Hopefully it doesn’t draw more potentially negative press toward the Baton Rouge rapper. Boosie is currently working on his upcoming album, which will be released under Trill Entertainment / Atlantic Recordings. During his press conference earlier today, he also noted that tour dates would be announced in the coming weeks.

Image via Bing