iPhone 6 Release: Concept Video Suggests iPhone Air May Join iPad

The iPhone 6 release rumors are ramping up and that means concept and design videos floating across the internet. An iPhone 6 concept video from Sam Beckett ofThe Verge suggests a potential direction for Apple, an iPhone Air.

Beckett created some internet buzz with the video as his suggested iPhone Air brought together many of the iPhone 6 release rumors that have been scattered across the internet. Probably the biggest rumor to date has to do with screen size and the durability of the retina display on the iPhone 6. Apple is in tweaking mode on the iPhone, which could eventually spell trouble for them in an increasingly saturated smartphone market. One thing that Apple does well however, is listen to their consumers and make relevant design changes.

One of the biggest concerns with the iPhone 5S release was that there was still more Apple could do with screen size. This iPhone 6 concept video suggests that Apple may increase the screen size by as much as 17 percent and increasing the number of pixels by 68 percent. A thinner design has been part of the thinking in line with the iPad Air direction that Apple has taken. There is some thinking that Apple will only have an iPad Air release this year and not another iPad Mini.

Some screen suggestions for the iPhone 6 release have shown a complete elimination of visible edges on the next edition of Apple’s flagship phone. While this design is highly unlikely, the concept video by Beckett does show a more minimalist design than the iPhone 5S. Screen size rumors are not the only thing Apple buyers are interested in. In a fast paced, constantly changing market, iPhone users wanted more speed and quicker processing capabilities. The iPad has already lost considerable ground in the world of tablets and Apple doesn’t want to see the same thing for their phone.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the development of the A8 chip, to be utilized in the iPhone 6 release. Apparently, Samsung has been cut out of production and now the Tawainese group TSMC is primarily manufacturing the chip for Apple. It seems the A8 and Sapphire glass screen will be the big sellers on the iPhone 6.

So when can data consuming iPhone users expect the next generation to be available on the market? According to most recent speculation, the iPhone 6 release date could come sometime in late Summer.

[Image via Apple-Singapore]