Nude Nite 2014 Celebrated The Human Form With More Than Naked People

Nude Nite 2014 in Orlando and Tampa was a three-day event in Florida that focused on the artistic beauty of the human form. While, yes, naked people were on display, this year the event seemed to expand greatly with its acrobatic displays and other events.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, while photos shoots tend to feature Kate Upton nude the famous model has been shifting her career to the movie world. Interestingly enough, those in the fashion world actually prefer Upton with more clothing than not.

The same might be said for Nude Nite. According to creator and director Kelly Stevens, this year’s theme was based upon mirrors and was intended for people to look on the inward and not so much on the outward nudity:

“(Mirrors) are a reflection of what we see in ourselves and what we want to see in ourselves. It’s a very relevant message today, particularly with social media and selfies; it’s so bold and in your face. We want to be stars, we want to be beautiful and we want to judge other people.”

Many of the events were interactive. For example, giant selfie frames allowed visitors to take photos to rival Ellen Degeneres at the Oscars while deciphering hidden messages. A display called the Human Thought Bubble focused on human-shaped ink blots. A shadow box allowed people to perform for others in the audience. And a giant chalk board with a wooden frame may have enticed Bart Simpson to write something naughty… but that’s okay because it was all about sharing guilty pleasures, from glitter to hairy chests (hopefully, not combined).

Outside of the 200 nude paintings there were also plenty of performers entertaining the visitors, including contortionists, aerialists, stilt walkers and burlesque dancers. While some events include pole dancing events the objective wasn’t to titillate, nor were the performers nude as might be expected. Instead, the pole dancers put on aerobatic displays that might make some Olympians envious.

All in all, Stevens says Nude Nite 2014 was designed for adults of all types with interest in the arts:

“This show is a show for the masses. It has a mystique to it, and because of that it grows. The nude aspect sometimes scares people, and they’ll come with a friend or to see an artists they know and all of a sudden they are hooked because there’s nothing else like it.”

What do you think about the themes and artistry of Nude Nite?