The Walking Dead Recap: Will Beth And Daryl Finally Have Their Moment? [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead finally gave fans what they had been waiting so long for — Beth and Daryl, together at last.

For a few minutes, at least.


The show had teased viewers with a romance between Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene for weeks, so much that fans even dubbed the hypothetical couple “Bethyl.” Last week’s episode teased the possibility of the two characters coming together on a quest to find alcohol in the Georgia backwoods, leading many to hope there could be a chance for romance for Beth and Daryl.

On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, the plan finally seemed to come to fruition. The two were finally about to share their romantic moment, but got separated by the walkers before anything could happen. Daryl finally fought his way through to Beth, just in time to see her being kidnapped.

Needless to say, The Walking Dead fans who were hoping for a Beth and Daryl romance were quite upset with the twist in circumstance, many of them taking to Twitter to express their displeasure.

Not everyone is on board with the “Bethyl” romance, however. Many fans seemed put off by the age difference between the teenage Beth and 40-something Daryl.

With a cliffhanger ending, it seems that fans of The Walking Dead will have to check back to see if Beth and Daryl ever get their chance a love.