Pharrell Williams Helped Arby’s Increase Its Presence On Twitter

Wherever Pharrell Williams goes these days, success seems to follow.

The “Happy” singer has helped a large number of popular singers with their music over the past few years. His contribution to the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack even earned the movie an Academy Award nomination. Williams just seems to have the magic touch.

When Pharrell decided to sport a large Vivienne Westwood hat to the 2014 Grammy Awards, several people took notice. However, it was Arby’s clever post on Twitter that made everyone pay attention to the accessory hitting on Williams’ head.

Pharrell fired back with a clever tweet of his own.

According to Arby’s social media director Josh Martin, the company’s exchange with Pharrell Williams helped give the fast food chain plenty of exposure on Twitter. In fact, the restaurant gained approximately 6,000 new followers shortly after the Grammys.

During his recent conversation with AdWeek, Martin revealed that he was the guy who decided to send the “Happy” singer a message on the micro-blogging site during the awards ceremony. His clever post, combined with perfect timing, helped Arby’s get plenty of exposure.

Martin said it didn’t take him very long to cook up the tweet to Williams. He explained, “Just a few seconds. It took longer to find Pharrell’s handle and make sure I spelled his name correctly. It came to me organically. From there, the rest is history.”

He also discussed how Arby’s came to purchase Pharrell’s giant hat: “Pharrell tweeted at us the Thursday night before the Oscars about buying it. I quickly sent a note to our executive team, and they huddled for the next day or so, and we decided to commemorate this [moment] in social media for good by participating in the charitable auction.”

The Inquisitr previously that Arby’s ended up buying the hat for $44,000 during the auction. Williams reached out to the winner on Twitter shortly after bidding came to a close.

Are you surprised that Pharrell Williams’ giant hat caught everyone’s attention during the 2014 Grammy Awards? What did you think about Arby’s tweet regarding the Vivienne Westwood topper?

[Image via TV Rage]