Justin Bieber Teases ‘Hold Tight’ Rehearsal Video, Will Selena Gomez Co-Star?

Justin Bieber has teased a dance rehearsal video for “Hold Tight,” one of the more sexually explicit singles on his December-releasing Journals album which capped a 10-week singles drive last fall called “Music Mondays.

The Instavid is captioned, “That hold on tight.”

It features a naturally shirtless Bieber and choreographer Nick Demoura, who takes the 20-year-old superstar through a sequence of fluid, urban steps that look like they’ll fit the highly suggestive song lyrics to a tee.

Bieber filmed the rehearsal at the Laura Marie Dance Academy in McAllen and Mission, Texas, at some point on Saturday.

The dance academy later posting pictures of staff with the superstar and Demoura to their Instagram account.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Laura Marie Dance Academy Instagram)

“Hold Tight” was released as a single on October 21, 2103, and runs s close second to R. Kelly collaboration “PYD” as the steamiest Journals song.

It looks like the Biebs is getting ready to unveil an accompanying video, which should delight fans who can’t get enough of the Canadian in full-on naughty mode. If so, It would follow an informal video Justin posted last year featuring girls from “One Less Lonely Girl” Bieber tour segments.

The video tease is surprising one, as the most recent dance studio Bieber has been seen in before today was with on-off-very-possibly-on-again ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in McAllen, Texas, after he jetted in on Friday ahead of her Saturday show at the 2014 BorderFest.

The pair have caused a stir all weekend.

They hung out at Starbucks, were reportedly seen “hugging and kissing” during breakfast at a Mexican eatery, shopped in a perfume store, indirectly triggered a marauding teen mob in a mall, and were reportedly seen “kissing in the shadows” at lazer tag which sounds like the most agreeable way to play lazer tag ever.

Most intriguingly, Bieber and Gomez booked out two-hours to rehearse at the Action Dance Studio in McAllen. They reportedly practised dance steps with Demoura, while bodyguards kept watch outside the studio doors.

[Video: Bieber and Gomez leaving Action Dance Studio, March 7.)

We assumed like everyone else that Selena was going to bring Justin out on stage last night or possibly at her Rodeo gig in Houston.

But now the Hold Tight teaser has got us thinking: Is this dance sequence what Bieber and Gomez rehearsed?

In which case, Jelena version 2.14 could soon be immortalized in video form to a song with lyrics that makes Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour look like The Sound of Music.

“Don’t let this go to your head but you’re the best I’ve ever had / Not to mention That thing is swollen / You got me oh so in the trance / Something like a zip lock, but a lip lock / Want you wrapped around me like a wrist watch / Oh, so hard walking out / Got me stuck like crazy glue, ooh.”

“They hold on tight / Yeah, they hold on tight / Ooh, they hold on tight / Them lips won’t let me go, Lips won’t let me go, lips won’t let me go, oh [x 2].”

Bieber and Gomez, we’re ready for that video debut when you are.

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