‘The Walking Dead’ This Week: Maggie’s Search For Glenn Takes Center Stage

The Walking Dead has split the second half of its season into four very distinct story lines, following the fall of the prison and the splitting up of the main group. Each week’s episode has followed one of the smaller groups as they try and find a safe place to hide out, while also looking for their friends.

According to a recent interview with Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, this Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead will focus on Glenn and Maggie and their search for each other. It seems as if the writers of The Walking Dead are working a bit of a theme in the way they stage these episodes.

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead focused heavily on Daryl and Beth and it showed them finally finding a real friendship of two people who were just running from the dead together. In a recent interview with MTV.com Cohan said this week’s episode will be “completely insane.”

It seems funny to talk about an episode of a show that features the dead walking and trying to eat the living as anything other than insane, but it appears the action is about to ramp up.

“I’m loving the storyline, because I feel the presence of Glenn so strongly when you’re on [Maggie], and I feel the presence of Maggie so strongly when you’re on Glenn,” she told MTV. The Walking Dead star also talked to Entertainment Weekly earlier in the week and basically echoed those sentiments.

In that interview, Lauren Cohan pointed out that Glenn and Maggie have been the only consistent couple since Laurie Grimes died and left Rick as a widower. “I don’t know if that puts us more at risk of dying or less,” said Cohan. “It’s such a necessary hope and I definitely feel that invisible bridge between Glenn and Maggie the whole time of trying to find each other, and needing that.”

The Walking Dead has worked hard in this second half of the season to show the real dangers of being out in the world without much protection. Last week, the show had Daryl and Beth having to take refuge in a car trunk. This week, Cohan gave a sneak peek at a scene where Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are walking through a thick mist.

The survivors will be able to hear the dead walking towards them but won’t be able to see them. It seems The Walking Dead has found a way to keep the pressure up, both on the audience as well as the characters this Spring.