The future of Team Red Bull in NASCAR

Team Red Bull is the only team that is owned by its sponsor. The Austrian based company both owns, operates, and sponsors the two-car effort of Kasey Kahne and Brian Vickers in the 2011 Sprint Cup series. Those days are likely due to change. It seems the Red Bull the company is looking to get out of its ownership role of the two-car Cup team, and may or may not stay on as its sponsor. There are a lot of moving pieces to this story/rumor, but with Kahne leaving to the #5 car at Hendrick big changes are in order for this team.

Jay Frye, the team’s Vie President and General Manger, seems poised to put a deal together to take over or continue the day-to-day operations of the team. He has investors lined up to allow him to keep the organization in tact for 2012, but will need to find a driver to repalce Kahne. Many rumors have driver Mark Martin, given his past connection to Frye, as the guy who could come over since he will be displaced from the #5 car by Kahne. However, Martin is hardly a driver that could get out and pimp Red Bull so maybe a new sponsor will be brought in for one of the two cars.

If enough money and sponsorship backing could be found Clint Bowyer remains on the free agent market and a strong offer could land his services. His age would be more in line with Red Bull’s marketing strategy. If Carl Edwards were to move to Joe Gibbs Racing, maybe a strong pitch could entice Joey Logano to come over. On the other hand, the team could simply sell its operation to Gibbs and he could choose the equipment and personnel that would remain as his fourth team.