Justin Bieber Praises Selena Gomez’s Texas Return To Stage As ‘Great Show’

Reuniting with Justin Bieber looks and sounds great on Selena Gomez. And Bieber agrees.

“Saw a great show last night,” the Canadian tweeted earlier Sunday, referring to Gomez’s return to the stage at the 2014 BorderFest at the Hidalgo State Farm Arena in Texas on Saturday evening.

Gomez reportedly stomped up a storm as she wowed in all-white at her sold-out show, her first since canceling the Asian and Australian legs of her Stars Dance Tour last year and a two-week rehab stint in January.

Brunette locks a-flying as she tore through a set of amicable pop and electro hits, local news outlet The Monitor reports hype about the starlet’s concert “exploded” over news Gomez and Bieber reunited in McAllen, Texas, on Friday.

Justin Bieber Gushes Over Selena Gomez Comeback Concert

(Photo: Selena dazzles at BorderFest show in Hidalgo, Texas, Saturday, March 8).

Since then, the superstar couple have been spotted dropping PDA at various locales all over the Rio Grande Valley.

From Starbucks – where Gomez demonstrated mastery of the art of split-level Instagramming – the starlet posted a picture of herself with the message, “Hidalgo, I’ve missed this ) ill see you soooon (sic).”

Selena Gomez

With hindsight, the caption reads as both a greeting to Hidalgo fans and possibly a reflection on her rekindled relationship with Bieber, which tabloids have been reporting on in confused, conflicting circles for months.

Likewise,”Reunited and it feels sooo good,” is the first part of a message Gomez posted to Instagram next to a snap of herself hugging two fans on Saturday, ostensibly celebrating her return to performing.

Selena Gomez Posts Message Post Concert

But knowing the press is aware of her reunion with Bieber, Gomez’s choice of words also appears to be a subtle acknowledgement that her relationship status has changed — and that she’s incredibly happy about it.

But Justin and Selena aren’t just back on. They’re openly back on and seem to be enjoying a second honeymoon.

Gone are the puppy love kisses of their early courtship that began in 2010, went public at a Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2011, before their first break up in November 2012. Somehow, reconciliations, accusations, Instagrams, Segways, and acres of gossip later — Jelena still has a pulse. And then some.

Accompanied by his bodyguards, Bieber and Gomez were spotted kissing as they grabbed breakfast at Don Pepe’s McAllen Mexican restaurant just after 10.30 am on Friday.

“They were kissing,” manager Lori Johnson told People Magazine. “They were sitting next to each other hugging and kissing in front of the staff. They weren’t hiding it and seemed to be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Staff at the Royal Perfumeria store in McAllen’s heart – where the pair went next – recalled a “polite and nice” couple to the outlet.

One unfortunate consequence of the massive interest in Bieber and Gomez’s presence saw a local mall shut down by police on Friday after someone impersonated Bieber and a crowd surrounded a Foot Locker store and ran amok.

Meanwhile, the loved-up pair’s trail continued to its most intriguing stop – the Action Dance Studio for a two-hour dance session with a choreographer, TMZ reports.

Speaking to Celebuzz, studio owner Yair Cruz said Justin and Selena were “very nice and cooperative,” adding that they “were dancing together and playing around” after arriving at the studio at around 7 pm.

“I was honored for them to be at the studio,” Cruz said, also revealing he didn’t charge for the room.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

(Photo: Bieber and Gomez immortalized their dance studio visit with signatures on the mirrored walls, March 7)