Omar Epps Wears Leather Skirt On ‘The View,’ Twitter Erupts [Video]

When Omar Epps wore a leather mini-skirt on live TV, you might have expected a reaction. But then Marlon Wayans and Lord Jamar started fighting over Epps’ fashion choices publicly on Twitter.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Omar Epps and Tupac once appeared in a movie together.

Rapper and actor Omar Hashim Epps is best known for his work in Major League II, Juice, Higher Learning, Scream 2, The Wood, In Too Deep, and Love and Basketball. More recently, he’s taken on a role in an ABC TV show called Resurrection, which is is based upon a novel where the dead begin returning to the loved ones they left behind.

Omar plays as an immigration officer named Martin Bellamy who returns a young boy to his own family only to be shocked when it’s claimed the son died 30 years ago by drowning. As more and more of the dead return they’re said to be very hungry, but it seems unlikely ABC is trying to create another The Walking Dead.

And that’s where we come to Omar Epps skirt. He went on to The View in order to promote Resurrection, but it was what he was wearing, and not what he had to say about the TV show, that has caught everyone’s attention. While Omar was wearing pants, he also wore what appeared to be a leather mini-skirt over them, which seems like an odd fashion sense at the least.

Lord Jamar stated his displeasure with the Epps’ fashion statement by proclaiming, “So now Omar Epps has joined the skirt gang? Say it isn’t so! Old heads supposed to know better.” Marlon Wayans attacked him for saying this, asking why the other man was “taking close shots of a n****s crotch and tweeting it.” He left off with this insult: “You wearing an invisible dress?’

Jamar then claimed Wayans must secretly like Epps’ fashion style. The response was to claim the other was stuck in the past, still wearing “Fubu and baggy Mecca hoodies.” As you can imagine, the Twitter fight devolved from there on, with f-bombs and insults about wearing dresses being passed back and forth.

What do you think about Omar Epps’ skirt photo?