You Have Three Hours To Buy A-Rod’s Used Underwear

A sports memorabilia collector is hoping you want to pay good money for some underwear worn by the one and only A-Rod, aka Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. I wish I could say I were making this up.

The SportsWorld collector’s shop in New England somehow got the official New York Yankees Spandex A-Rod wore during the 2008 season and has put the garment up for sale on eBay. A-Rod’s underwear is marked with his uniform number and — thankfully — have been washed. (Yes, the eBay description makes a point to mention that.)

And, in case any of the ladies (or gentleman) out there were wondering, the size is XL.

The auction ends at 1:38 p.m. PST Thursday. As of time of this publication, the highest bid is at $420. It started at $9.99.

If you end up being the winning bidder, we’d love to hear from you — specifically, WHY THE HELL YOU JUST SPENT $400+ DOLLARS ON SOME DUDE’S UNDERWEAR. Please explain in the comments section below. Thank you.

UPDATE: Sold! For $420 to eBay buyer “r***e.” Um, congratulations?

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