Justin Bieber Twitter Account Briefly Hacked, Alleged Hacker Denies Involvement

Justin Bieber’s Twitter account was briefly hacked on Saturday before links to a viral app named ShootingStarPro were deleted.

Lets face it, if there’s a Twitter account worth hacking — if that’s your thing — it’s Justin Bieber’s over 50 million kingdom.

At around 2 pm ET today, the 20-year-old’s social media Twitter security was breached for around 15 minutes before it was corrected.

So far, one name is in the frame as the alleged hacker. As yet, it’s unclear whether that user is affiliated with usual suspects hackers — 4Chan or the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) — whose recent conquests include CNN, and the Twitter, Facebook and blog of Microsoft’s Skype messaging service back in January.

The alleged hacker’s Twitter handle is @NotesCepotanem.

The user, who posts in Indonesian and broken English, was noted as a Twitter account to follow on Bieber’s timeline during the period it was hacked.

Earlier, the user defended him/herself in Twitter messages, which appear to be addressed to Bieber fans angry over the hack.

to all of you is do not get carried away emotionally. please in check first, and finish good.

— Catatan Cepot (@NotesCepot) March 8, 2014

I do not hack accounts justin bieber, please you check directly to @justinbieber, justin is only one step to the trap, not me, thankyou — Catatan Cepot (@NotesCepot) March 8, 2014

Fans – many of whom are likely watching Justin’s and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s social media accounts closely this weekend after the pair’s Texas reunion on Friday – first noticed Bieber’s Twitter account was hacked when messages reading, “Justin Bieber Cemberut?” tagged with a line of numbers directed users to a viral app named ShootingStarPro.

Two further messages not included in the screenshot below were also sent by the hacker (s) from Bieber’s account.

Justin Bieber Twitter Account Hacked On Saturday, March 8

(Photo: Screenshot of Bieber’s hacked Twitter Timeline, earlier on Saturday, March 8.)

Among the flurry of fans’ chatter about the hack, one Twitter user wryly noted, “Justin is speaking in tongues.”

Bieber’s team took to Twitter after the hack, reassuring fans they were rectifying the issue.

And it seems all’s well that ends well. A few hours ago, Bieber took the helm once more to talk to his Twitter constituency.

The “Baby” singer posted one message that read, “That link from earlier. Don’t click it. Virus. Going to erase this now. Spread the word. Thanks.”

Later deleting it, Justin updated fans, writing,

Then, referring to the previously trending topic #JustinsPasswordIsProbably, he retweeted a fan’s message which promoted the photo app “Shots of Me” he has invested in.

#JustinsPasswordIsProbably downloadshots

— aliya (@moransupport) March 8, 2014

In other Bieber news, the heartthrob capped his 20th birthday celebrations in the Bahamas with a reportedly tense deposition in Miami this past week in connection with a lawsuit filed by a photographer. The hearing became heated when Bieber was questioned about his ex-sweetheart, Gomez.

Miami Herald, citing a source, reports,

“When Bieber was asked a question about Selena Gomez, he threw a tantrum, ripping the microphone off, jumping up from his seat and running out of the room. A recess was called and, 15 minutes later, Biebs came back refusing to answer any questions about his ex.”

The next day, Justin jetted from Miami to Gomez’s side in Texas where she is performing at a Saturday show at the Hidalgo State Farm Arena, her first show since her January rehab stint.

The former couple were spotted at a raft of local spots in McAllen, including a Starbucks, a Mexican eatery, perfume shop, and a dance studio — which offers possibilities ahead of Gomez’s concert tonight.

[Video: Bieber and Gomez leaving McAllen’s “Action Dance Studio” March 7.]