Kylie Jenner Slowly Spiraling Out of Control? Posts Videos Dancing While Driving

Kylie Jenner’s gradually coming into her own, and the 16-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star may be spiraling out of control. According to Fish Wrapper, her latest antics are centered around “dancing while driving.”

While there’s not really anything wrong with that, it can pose a problem if you opt to videotape yourself in the act when you should be paying attention to the road! It also appears that she wasn’t just driving at a moderate speed. The reality TV starlet may have been pushing it at an accelerated pace.

Given Jenner’s previous mishaps behind the wheel, its definitely safe to say that filming and dancing while driving might not be the best alternative where she’s concerned. A couple day ago, Jenner also took the time to share her driving excursions with fans via Twitter and Vine. The quick video captured Jenner behind the wheel of her matte black Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

However, that’s not her only outlandish post on Vine. A series of videos have popped up on social media sites over the past couple days including one lover’s spat she had with her sister Khloe Kardashian. However, it was Kim Kardashian who actually posted that particular video on Keek. Jenner even called her sister a “fake b***h” in the video. The caption for the video read, ” “It’s so hard when you have all the b***es on you all the time.”

Of course, its all fun and games, with no harm done. However, that’s how the ruckus usually starts. Some media outlets, namely the Daily Mail, have even reported that some of Jenner’s actions are merely for attention. Hopefully she’s just going through a spell in her teenage years. Otherwise, Bruce and Kris Jenner are definitely going to have an issue on their hands the older she gets!

Image via Kylie Jenner, Facebook