Justin Bieber's Calabasas Home Bought By Khloe Kardashian, Yes, Really [Video]

Justin Bieber has sold his formerly beloved Calabasas mansion to Khloe Kardashian, of the infamous Kardashian clan.

Bieber may not have made too many friends in the upscale, gated The Oaks neighborhood, but he did make a profit on the mansion he purchased back in 2012.

According to TMZ, the property was then valued at just over $6 million.

Kardashian reportedly bought Bieber's pad for $7.2 million.

The move comes amid upheaval for both Justin and Khloe. The reality TV star recently sold her Tarzana, California home to Big Bang Theory's newly-wed Kaley Cuoco, after filing for a divorce from troubled sportsman Lamar Odom in December 2013.

However, Khloe appears to be back in the saddle now as her recent topless vine video demonstrates.

The voluptuous Kardashian star's acquisition means she will be soon be neighors with her sister Kourtney, who recently bought former-NFL player Keyshawan Johnson's Calabasas home.

Meanwhile, Bieber will doubtless be glad to be moving. After months of simmering tensions with neighbors in the family-dominant area, the impetuous Canadian has had a number of run-ins with residents.

Back in March 2013, neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz accused Bieber of spitting and threatening him during an argument in which Schwartz yelled at the singer over alleged reckless driving in the area. The incident led to a battery investigation by Los Angeles police but the District Attorney did not press charges and the case was closed last October.

In May 2013, Bieber ran into trouble with Johnson when the ex-wide receiver accused him of speeding his Ferraari around Calabasas over Memorial Day weekend.

A police investigation was dropped last October.

Amid constant reports of Calabasas residents complaining about Bieber's friends Lil Za and Lil Twist who stayed at the singer's house for periods of time, a denouement occurred on January 9, 2014. Schwartz -- Bieber's estranged neighbor -- accused the star of egging his house.

Five days later Los Angeles police raided Bieber's home seizing home security surveillance equipment and the singer's iPhone, looking for possible evidence to connect him to the egg-attack.

The case is now with the District Attorney who is expected to make a decision on whether Bieber will be charged over his alleged role in the matter.

Post police aid, TMZ claimed Bieber told his camp he now felt "trapped" in Calabasas.

Somewhat tellingly, he hasn't been back since.

Shortly after, X17,com reported moving vans were seen at Bieber's Calabasas crib in the interim between the raid and his January 23 arrest in Miami Beach for suspected DUI while allegedly drag racing.

Getting out of dodge in early February in a move down South to Atlanta, Georgia, Bieber is currently staying at record producer friend Dallas Austin's uber- modernist home, Bieber is reported to be interested in putting down roots in ATL while he records his new album in the capital.

Justin is also said to have instructed his realtor to look at estates in Hidden Valleys, a less-built up district that borders Calabasas.

But, for now, Calabasas swaps Bieber dramas for Kardashian ones, and Los Angeles' loss is Atlanta's gain.

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