Celine Dion Wears Granny Knickers Pic

Celine Dion has been snapped by a photographer, rocking out at a concert, with an upskirted photo, where she is in the middle of some sort of leg kick maneuver that clearly shows her underwear.

If you are thinking right now, black thong, or sparkly boy legs, or fun colourful hipsters – you would be wrong. Don’t panic she hasn’t gone all Britney Spears, she is wearing underwear. Here is the shocking revelation: Celine Dion wears Granny Underpants. Big. White. Undies.

For those of you that can stomach it, scroll down. For those of you that can’t there is no shame in looking away. In the Funny Pics category you will find pictures of kittens and fluffy bunnies, it will start the healing process.