Demi Lovato Returns To ‘Glee’ For A Musical Trio

Last night was the return of Demi Lovato on the Fox musical show Glee. Since leaving the judging panel on the now canceled X Factor competition, Lovato has been taking advantage of her free time by picking interesting projects. One of those projects is a character arc on Glee playing a love interest opposite McKinley High School’s bold Latina, Santana Lopez.

Last night marked the return of Lovato’s arc as she joined another famous Fox face, American Idol contestant Adam Lambert. Both artists are currently on the Fox show as part of the New York City story lines that are split between the main characters Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, and Santana Lopez.

Lovato’s appearance on Glee wasn’t as significant as earlier episodes, but the singer still had a sizable role in the episode. Glee returned for its second week since its long hiatus, and mainly focused on the story lines that were happening in New York instead of the McKinley story lines back in Lima, Ohio. Since its return, the show has been introducing a rift between Rachel and Santana over Broadway’s coveted Funny Girl role of Fanny Brice. After Rachel got the role, Santana decided to audition and wound up scoring the role as the understudy, which is causing huge problems with the New York group.

Following the huge fight, Kurt decided to dismember the band Pamela Lansbury, which features Rachel, Elliot (Lambert), Dani (Lovato), and Santana, and instead formed a trio with the existing members of the band who weren’t into the drama. For Demi, this meant she got to join Adam Lambert and Chris Colfer for a fun number.

Demi’s character, Dani, could have been easily caught in the middle due to her relationship with Santana, but instead her vocals were pleasantly featured. We suspect that as this arc ebbs and flows between Santana and Rachel that this will be Lovato’s character’s chance to step up to the plate and support Santana, or an excuse to fade into the background. Keeping in mind that Glee has its own issues with character development and continuity, let’s hope it’s the former as Demi Lovato has been a pleasantly surprising addition to the cast.

Back in November Demi Lovato expressed her excitement about working on Glee in a behind the scenes featurette. At the time, the former Disney star said, “I didn’t think I’d be acting so soon, but I’m really, really glad that this came along, and I’m just happy to be acting again.”

Aside from her breakout role on the Disney channel, Lovato also made a handful of appearances on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, As the Bell Rings, and Prison Break.

[Image Credit: 20th Century Fox]