Justin Bieber Judged ‘A Fool’ By Judge Judy Amid ‘Stumbling’ Jail Footage Release

Justin Bieber should think himself lucky none of his upcoming court cases are before Judge Judy Sheindlin. The 71-year-old weighed in on the embattled teen star, calling him “a fool.”

Speaking to CBS News in Los Angeles, the courtroom show host took aim at Bieber with characteristic vigor.

“Being a celebrity is a gift. You can either treat it reverently or you can make a fool out of yourself,” Sheindlin slammed. “And he’s doing a very good job of making a fool out of himself.”

According to Global News, the judge took an especially dim view of Justin’s months of wild behavior and his arrests for suspected DUI in Miami Beach and alleged assault in Toronto.

“It’s sad. Nobody’s going to remember that he was a marginal singer but they’re going to remember a young kid who had a chance to have it all and is blowing it by acting like a fool.”

The judge didn’t only speak to CBS. Earlier this month, the gavel-thumper told Philadelphia radio station Mix 106.1 the 19-year-old was most likely a disappointment to the team who got him to the top the pop music game.

“You sing alright. You’re no Sinatra,” the judge’s Bieber-onslaught continued “But people are going to remember that you’re an idiot.”

She added: “If that’s what you want to leave as a footprint in life, that you’re a fool…[you’re] doing a really good job.”

Sheindlin continued taking pot shots at Bieber’s musical abilities talent.

“We’re not talking about Pavarotti. He’s a singer — he caught on, he had great PR at the beginning and all was wonderful,” she said.

Capping her pep talk, Judy concluded, “And then he started to believe his own press. Just stupid.”

Meanwhile, Bieber has stepped away from the goldfish bowl of Los Angeles as he awaits an incoming decision by the District Attorney’s Office regarding whether he will be charged for allegedly egging his estranged Calabasas neighbor’s home on January 9.

The singer recently released his response to rising public censure by dropping a new song “Broken” late Friday, with lyrics declaring,”I guess they want a reaction but I ain’t gonna give it to ’em.”

The Blake Kelly rap feature followed his Twitter rebuke of media after the infamous Atlanta neighbors protest was revealed as a hoax by a local radio station.

The Internet will shortly be awash with images of Bieber stumbling as he attempted to walk a while line in Miami Beach police station last month following his arrest.

Unfortunately for the pop prince, as far as Judge Judy is concerned he crossed the line some time ago.

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