Duck Commander Phil Robertson Gives Son Advice On Sex And Marriage

Duck Commander Phil Robertson is seldom without something pointed - and often controversial - to say, especially when it comes to marriage and family issues.

In a related story, the Duck Commander company - not to be confused with the Duck Dynasty show itself or the A&E Network - has recently entered an agreement to sponsor an annual college bowl game, the newly christened Duck Commander Independence Bowl, across the state in Shreveport.

As we look forward to tomorrow's Duck Dynasty episode, "Jase and the Argonauts," it's worth taking a look back at the last week's episode. If you weren't watching carefully, you may have missed family patriarch Phil's marital advice to son Jep. No one would blame you. There's been plenty of buzz over the paintball war story line pitting Willie and Jase's epic battle over a GI Joe action figure - a story line that ended inconclusively and seems custom-made for a sequel, but little talk of the elder Robertson's brief appearance in the episode. While Uncle Si and other Duck Commander employees joined the paintball fracas, Phil Robertson steered clear of the battle.

Of course, that doesn't mean the Duck Commander didn't factor into the episode. Phil Robertson has played an active role in all of the episodes since his brief suspension by the network - though he was missing from their Super Bowl ad.

The Duck Commander makes his appearance when he finds Jep having a tough time putting in a new walkway. Someone suggests that Jep should have hired a professional to do the job - after all, he already has professional roofers working on the house. In response, Jep hints that doing the job himself might lead to some bedroom action - he calls it "pit pat" - with wife Jessica if he gets the job done himself.

At one point, the camera cuts to Jep and he explains, "When you've got a wife as hot as mine, you've got to keep her happy and then some."

The Duck Commander didn't hesitate to offer his marital advice, telling Jep:

"A little 'pat-pat,' son? I didn't know these little yuppie girls drive that kind of bargain up in here. What's next? A four-car garage, a little pat-pat? Honey, go out there and build me a barn and a little pat-pat. Where does it end?"

Jep told his dad that it ends when he "gets some pit-pat."

Phil Robertson's light-hearted disdain for his son's suburban lifestyle and pandering to get some action doesn't keep him from lending a helping hand. He ends up bringing one of the family business' employees in to help out with the project. The three bearded do-it-yourselfers - in typical Duck Commander fashion - turned the project into a contest, racing to see if they could beat the roofers. Team Duck Commander lost, but they did finish the walkway.

There was no definitive word on whether Jep got his pit-pat.

The A&E website suggests you can look forward to plenty of Robertson family hijinks in tomorrow's episode, including Miss Kay going overboard with her new cell phone, Willie buying an ice cream machine and Jase spending Duck Commander company funds to buy an Argo off-road vehicle.