Molly McNearney And Jimmy Kimmel Expecting Their First Baby

Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel are expecting a baby! The happy couple broke the news on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is airing on Wednesday, Feb 26.

Kimmel said, jokingly "I'm having a baby... wait I want to finish... with Ellen. No, I decided to have the first one with my wife. We got married in July and, you know, it's interesting. It's disgusting the way babies are made."

Ellen DeGeneres' simple response to that was: "Good for you," but she also had a question, "And why is it disgusting?"

The conversation kind of descended from there, as you can imagine, as Kimmel quipped his response: "Well, there are so many human body parts involved. Did you know there are eggs in us? That's gross just to start with."

Molly McNearney, who is the co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, married Kimmel in the summer of 2013. He already has two kids, a boy and a girl, from his first wife, Gina; they were divorced in 2002.

He joked about his children, informing DeGeneres that his daughter is 22 and his son 20:

"I don't know where they are, but I hear they're doing great. No, I have a 20-year-old son and a 22-year-old daughter, and I've really forgotten everything. It's funny because I was just with some friends who just had a baby, I was like, 'Oh yeah.' And there's new ways to do things. You hold them by the front of the neck now it seems."

The enlightening interview came to its conclusion with the very expected question about finding out the gender of the baby before the birth:

"I would like it to be a surprise and my wife, Molly, was happy with that idea until about a week ago she started saying we really need to find out. But I don't think it matters. I don't think you need to make the baby's room blue or pink I mean it's kind of - it's inherently ridiculous. I don't think they could even see colors, right? I mean, or is that dogs I'm thinking of?" Kimmel asked jokingly.

How does Molly McNearney live with a man who is always joking? Perhaps he's just a good source for material.