Xbox One Twitch Release Date Soon, But Will It Suffer The Same Fate As PlayStation 4?

Xbox One Twitch broadcasting is set to launch next month, giving Microsoft's console even more social usability than ever. The Xbone has already shown itself to be an ambitious device, with the Kinect voice and gesture controls, the TV capabilities, and the integration of Skype for live video calls.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Xbox One will have limited edition Titanfall consoles when the game launches March 11. This also happens to be the Xbox One Twitch release date, possibly giving Microsoft a chance to catch up with Sony's sales.

Sony's own success with Twitch hadn't started out that well, and not because of its usability. Gamers had been allegedly using the PS4 Twitch service to stream themselves playing games naked. As a result, Sony was forced to limit the service to just video games, cutting off the use of the console's camera.

The Xbox One Twitch service may have the same potential, and it's unknown for now just what the limitations will be when it launches just in time for Titanfall. There could be much fewer shenanigans with the Xbone service, because it will require a subscription to Xbox Live Gold and gamers probably won't want to waste the money just to abuse their Twitch privileges.

We already knew that the Xbox One is capable of streaming PlayStation 4 games, and now Twitch will be able to stream PS4 footage straight through to the Xbox One. Could we eventually see the Xbox One Twitch service punish gamers for abusing it like Xbox Live currently does with its reputation system?

The reason why the PS4 had Twitch options so much earlier than the Xbone was that Microsoft didn't want to release it until they knew it met gamers' expectations. Microsoft VP of marketing and strategy for Xbox Yusuf Mehdi explained it further:

"Our fans really want the full next-gen service, so that's why we decided to take our time, do it right and have it come out in this fashion. This will open up the social aspect of Xbox One in a new way.

"The community of Twitch is huge, and this allows us to type into that, and frankly do something that's never been done before on consoles. You'll be able to broadcast to any device and consume anyone's broadcast from any device. It's a console experience unique to the Xbox One."

Between full Xbox One Twitch integration and the release of Titanfall, it appears Microsoft is getting ready to catch up to the sales of the PS4.

[image via Polygon]