Jennifer Lawrence Ditching Hollywood For One Year, Film Exec Says

Jennifer Lawrence, without question, is the biggest female star in Hollywood at the moment. In fact, she may even be the biggest star period. Over the past couple of years, she has also been one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. But that's about to change, according to indie kingpin producer Harvey Weinstein, who calls Lawrence "too nice," because she has a hard time saying no to movie offers.

At a spry 23 years old, one would think that young Jennifer would have plenty of energy to take advantage of her moment in the spotlight and prolong it as much as possible. But apparently the whirlwind of filming seven back-to-back films — and 13 since her stunning 2010 debut in the indie hit Winter's Bone — combined with a flurry of awards shows, endorsements and press junkets and promotional obligations, well, it's all taken its toll on Lawrence.

"She's going to have a long break for a year where she won't do anything. It's been non-stop for her and she deserves a rest," said Weinsten recently. "Jennifer is too nice and will do people favors and agrees to do a movie like American Hustle when she could have had a rest."

Whether Weinstein got this information from Jennifer Lawrence herself, or just made it up, is difficult to determine. Whether in acting American Hustle, which is predicted to win her a second straight Oscar, can be considered a "favor" to the director whose previous film brought Jennifer Lawrence her first one is debatable as well.

"She signed on to do Hunger Games when she was young and wouldn't have realized how much it would dominate her life," continued Weinstein, who served as executive producer on Silver Linings Playbook, which netted Lawrence her Oscar. "But she's a professional and always will be."

Weinstein's comments come after the recent remarks by David O. Russell, director of Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, compared Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games commitment to "slavery." Which might be a good comparison if slaves became world famous and were paid $10 million for a few months of work.

Jennifer Lawrence fans shouldn't worry, though. If she is indeed going to take the rest of the year to relax, she'll still be seen in three new films in 2014, the sure-fire hits The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the Depression-era drama Serena, which reunites Jennifer Lawrence with her Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle leading man, Bradley Cooper.