Bob Marley revelations from former Miss World

Bob Marley is considered by many to be a music legend. Marley’s story continues to be told by those that knew him. The latest, Cindy Breakspeare, has come under fire by some for her latest revelations.

The mother of one of Bob’s children, Cindy Breakspeare, spoke at the annual Bob Marley Lecture at the Undercroft of the University of the West Indies held on February 13, 2014. During her appearance Breakspeare, revealed information about her relationship with Bob Marley and the profound influence Bob has had on her life while he lived and still to this day. According to Cindy Breakspeare is the mother of Damian Marley, winner of the 1975 Miss World Pageant, and Jamaica Hall of Fame inductee.

While Breakspeare had an ongoing relationship with Marley, she was not a Rastafarian or part of the Reggae music scene. According to The Gleaner Cindy had this to say, “Yes I knew him, but to be a devotee of the music, part of an elite group of spiritual rebels was one thing. But to be intimate, involved personally with this man, be the woman who would stand by his side and reflect all that he was about was entirely something else.”

Bob’s reputation of charming virility is confirmed by Breakspeare during her lecture. “And I could not deny that we were fiercely attracted to each other. Fascinated and separated simultaneously by our differences, so we began to build a bridge. The same bridge that has brought me here today. Bob was strong, fit and virile. Tough as nails and boyishly charming, all at the same time.”

Marley’s influence on Breakspeare led her to say this about the reggae icon, “He was not only attractive, but intimidating for a young girl like me. I knew instinctively if I were to enter into this relationship with him, it would change the trajectory of my life forever.”

The negative backlash toward Breakspeare was reported in a follow-up article at The Gleaner. People have been voicing their negative opinions via social media. According to The Gleaner, “Many of the users believe Breakspeare’s decision to reveal the intimate details of her love life with Marley is disrespectful to his widow, Rita.”

Others came to the defense of Breakspeare by attacking Bob Marley’s character, while others attempted to calm the arguing masses with a simple two word reminder of what Bob Marley was really all about in the end. “One Love.”