Online Dating: Keys To A Statistically Attractive Profile

It’s time to kiss online dating woes goodbye!

Thanks to a series of infographics released byWired Magazine, prospective online daters can now assemble the most attractive dating profile possible, based on pure statistics. They even went so far as to provide a list of appealing buzzwords used by both men and women on dating profiles. The catch is figuring out how to fit these words into sentences. The rest appears to come together on its own.

Statistics show that men who used the word “whom” received 31% more opposite-sex replies on online dating profiles, regardless of the context they used the word in. If only everything else in life could be done so easily!

Women who referred to themselves as “girls” received more replies than the ones who didn’t. As odd as it may sound, there does indeed appear to be a science behind the madness.

Making yourself more attractive to the opposite sex can even be as easy as ditching the “selfie” fad.

According to the infographics, the online dating buzzwords can be broken down among the sexes.

Males, stick to the following words to boost your appeal:

“Surfing”, “surf”, “yoga”, “skiing”, and “the ocean” appear to be the most successful buzzwords, followed closely by “athlete”, “retirement”, “London”, “oceans”, “live music” “breakfast”, “passports”, “blue eyes”, “trees”, and “mornings”.

Ladies, cling tight to these words to increase you chances of scoring that elusive date:

“London”, “NYC”, “yoga”, “surfing”, and “athlete” are the most successful buzzwords, followed closely by “Radiohead”, “homeland”, “New York”, “fitness”, “fashion”, “Pulp Fiction”, “meditations”, “models”, “laziness”, and “work out”.

That may seem like a lot to take in, but statistics seem to show that simply using these words, in any sort of context, within your profile can significantly boost your chances of attracting a potential online dating partner.

Another interesting statistic seems to point to an individual’s choice of extracurricular activities. Out of 1,000 possible sporting activities, surfing ranked as the most appealing listing for men with online dating profiles, with yoga nabbing the highest spot for women.

Among other fascinating bits of information, compiled by people with far more time on their hands than most, statistics show that going against gender stereotypes is more attractive, Radiohead is the most popular band to discuss in online dating profiles and using the word “cat” to describe one’s feline fascinations is far more appealing than the phrase “my cat”.

Humorously enough, even these statistics can’t change basic human instinct, as the word “retirement” apparently causes a bit of fuss in the online dating world, with age equating to money among men and, well, old age among women.

While none of these numbers or figures will guarantee anyone their next “dinner and a movie”, it will certainly make traveling the precarious waters of online dating easier.