50 Cent, Erin Andrews To Kiss Again At Daytona 500?

Will 50 Cent and Erin Andrews kiss again at the 2014 Daytona 500? The rapper seems to hold out hope…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, 50 Cent acknowledges that Eminem is the one who made him big:

“My career wouldn’t even exist, I wouldn’t even be talking to you if it wasn’t for Em. It’s amazing that later in your life you could find someone that means so much to the comfort in your actual life. My grandparents were that for me before Em.”

Well, 50 Cent wouldn’t be talking to, and kissing, Erin Andrews either if it were not for Marshall Mathers. He’s been schmoozing with other celebrities who have been enjoying the racing at the Daytona 500. A model friend of mine happened to be at the same party the other day and it’s said he seemed pretty relaxed for a celebrity.

A year ago 50 Cent was caught on video attempting to plant an awkward smooth on Erin Andrews:

Surprisingly enough, 50 Cent has never seen the video himself. But when he asked by a reporter named Pockrass the rapper said he wouldn’t mind trying again:

“I wanted to kiss her, man. You really want to know? She handled it amazingly, too. It was just one of those moments. It was just an awkward moment.”

Pockrass agreed, saying it was awkward to watch and he asked whether 50 Cent would go back to watch it:

“No, no, no. That’s probably what you do,” 50 Cent said. “You probably recap it over there. I don’t actually go back to watch the awkward moment I had, you know what I mean? He was probably watching it this morning and said, ‘I’m going to see this guy today. Look at this idiot.'”

Well, at least 50 Cent wanting to kiss Erin Andrews is not as awkward as the time a Fox News guy started talking about Andrews’ tongue getting stuck to a goal post

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