Danica Patrick Says 'It's Humbling That 1 Million People Care What I'm Doing'

Addam Corré

Danica Patrick at the age of 31 has achieved something that very few female athletes have ever done. She has become the first NASCAR driver to have surpassed 1 million followers on Twitter!

Patrick reached the magic million in time for the season-opening on Sunday of the Daytona 500.

Danica now outranks Lindsey Vonn, Maria Sharapova, Mia Hamm, and Anna Kournikova in terms of followers.

But Patrick still has a way to go to catch up U,S, soccer player Alex Morgan, who stands at 1.3 million. And as for Serena Williams - she has a mind popping 4 million people who wait in anticipation of her every tweet.

Just before the race, Danica spoke to the Associated Press and told them:

"It just shows what incredible and loyal fans I have. It's pretty humbling that 1 million people are curious about what I have to say and what I'm doing. I really can't thank everyone enough for their passion and interest."

On the other hand, Danica is the most successful woman in the history of of American open-wheel racing and continues to be enormously popular among casual sports fans and her loyal supporters.

She thanked GoDaddy, her NASCAR sponsor as well as her personal sponsor TISSOT for getting her started on Twitter. She praised the fact that they allowed her to be "organic, real and fun" while using social media.

Patrick's 1 million followers is way ahead of all other NASCAR drivers. Next highest is six-time champion Jimmie Johnson's 530,000 followers. Juan Pablo Montoya leads all IndyCar drivers with just under 800,000. Patrick's boyfriend, fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., has 126,000 followers.

Hopefully, Danica Patrick and her boyfriend have better things to do with their time together than discussing why her followers are almost ten times greater than his!

Image:- www.sportstalkflorida.com