Liam Payne: One Direction Will Crush Naysayers With New Album

Liam Payne thinks One Direction will win over a new legion of fans when their new album finally drops.

Even if you can’t stand the singers and their music, you have to admit that the fellas work pretty hard for their paychecks. In addition to recording music and performing shows, they have to deal with millions of obsessive fans who watch their every single move.

The guys are reportedly hard at work on their next musical endeavor, a record Liam Payne thinks will send the naysayers and detractors scrambling back into the woodwork. If you aren’t a fan now, then the singer things you will be very soon.

“People say we don’t work hard and it’s all a game and whatever. We just wanna make good music, and this album — honestly, every lad out there tonight who’s thinking One Direction are this and that. Literally, next album — pick up our album and see what you feel,” Payne recently told Capital FM.

Rumors started circulating not too long ago that One Direction was on the verge of breaking up. Unless Liam Payne is trying to distract everyone from the truth, it would appear the fellas have no plans to go their separate ways anytime soon.

“We have been writing away for the next album and rehearsals are just about to start soon for the tour. We’re not splitting up. We’re on WhatsApp messaging each other all the time, talking about song ideas and just funny stuff from our day,” Payne recently explained.

The singer continued, “It’s been a while since we have all been together so we are enjoying being back in each other’s company.”

Harry Styles also reassured fans that the group isn’t going anywhere. The Inquisitr previously reported that the One Direction singer denied internet rumors that the guys were splitting up.

Reports about the breakup seem to have originated on Twitter. After Niall Horan posted that he hadn’t seen his bandmates in quite some time, people started to worry that the glue that holds One Direction together was finally starting to weaken.

Unfortunately, Liam Payne didn’t say when fans can expect the new One Direction album in stores. Hopefully the guys will have something ready to rock before the end of the year. Were you worried the fellas were thinking about breaking up?

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