Lana Del Rey Joins Forces With The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach For New Album

Lana Del Rey is getting a little help with her next musical endeavor.

The “Video Games” singer is preparing to put together a brand new collection of tunes, her first full-length album since the 2012 effort Born to Die. To give her new record a little extra kick, she’s enlisting the help of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.

Although it’s still unclear how much input Auerbach will have in crafting Ultraviolence, it’s clear that Lana Del Rey is getting some help from the guy. The singer recently tweeted an image of the pair posing for the camera.

Me and Dan Auerbach are excited to present you Ultraviolence

— Lana Del Rey (@LanaDelRey) February 20, 2014

For those who are wondering if this is some sort of goofy internet rumor or an elaborate hoax, the folks at Rolling Stone reached out to Lana Del Rey’s camp for confirmation. A spokesperson said the pair spent a bit of time recording material together in Nashville, though the extent of their collaboration remains unknown.

The website also points out that Auerbach didn’t think much of Lana Del Rey and her music back in 2012. In fact, he seemed to think the singer was nothing more than one of those pop stars who are here today and gone tomorrow.

He explained:

“On some level, we’ve seen that Lana Del Rey thing since we first started, like, all of a sudden this new band would be headlining festivals, and we’re like, ‘Wait, how did they get that? We’ve been here for two, three, four, five years and we’re still working our way up. But then they’re gone. Just as quickly as they get up there, they disappear.”

Lana Del Rey could also receive a bit of help from Italian producer Giorgio Moroder on her new album. Although he didn’t mention the singer by name, the folks at Complete Music Update seem to think Del Rey is the artist he talked about in a recent interview.

“I cannot mention the name now because the contracts are not signed, but I’m going to work in the next few days with a very great singer. A great singer. And if you call me in a few weeks I might be able to tell you what it is! It’s one of my all time favorite singers,” he said.

When Digital Spy brought up Lana’s name, he added: “I don’t know? Did you read something about that? Well… I have a few singers I’m planning to work with. In fact, I started to work a little bit with David Guetta.”

Are you a fan of Lana Del Rey? What do you think about The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach working with the singer on Ultraviolence?