Chris Brown Decides To Stay In Rehab For A While Longer [Rumor]

Chris Brown has reportedly decided to stay in a rehab for a little while longer.

Although the troubled singer has officially wrapped up his 90-day court-ordered stay in rehab to work on his anger issues, insiders revealed that Brown has decided to continue extend his treatment. It’s currently unclear just how long he wants to remain at the facility.

Since the news comes from an anonymous source, there’s always a possibility that there’s not a shred of truth to the report. However, the folks at E! Online seem convinced that Chris Brown wants to get a little more help before biding farewell to rehab.

“It was his choice. He will come out soon,” the insider dished.

While several news outlets have picked up the story, apparently Chris Brown’s representatives have yet to officially comment on the matter. Until that happens, try not to put too much stock into the rumor.

If you’re looking for reasons as to why Brown decided to stick around a while longer, then you’ll have to cook them up yourselves. Some websites might have theories about why the singer chose to stay in rehab, none of them have the actual reason currently tucked away on their hard drives.

Chris Brown was recently given permission to leave rehab to attend an event to honor his charity work in Los Angeles. Female First reports that the singer was in pretty good spirits during the shindig, where he spent some time talking to those who wished him well.

Unfortunately for Brown, his past is still coming back to haunt him. The man who alleges that Chris Brown and his bodyguard punched him in the face at a Washington hotel is suing the guys for $3 million. He’s reportedly seeking $1.5 million from each assailant.

Parker Isaac Adams told The Associated Press in a recent telephone interview that he had to seek treatment from breathing specialists and plastic surgeons as a result of the attack. Although some of the money Adams wants Chris Brown and his bodyguard to pay is for medical bills, his lawyer said the majority of cash is for “pain and suffering.”

However, all of this trouble isn’t preventing Brown from moving forward with his career. The singer has no less than two new releases looming on the horizon. The Inquisitr also reported that he’s working on a new song with Sam & Cat star Ariana Grande.

Are you a fan of Chris Brown? What do you think about the singer extending his stay in rehab for an unspecified amount of time?

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