Ragnarok: End Of The World Was This Past Weekend, But Did Thor Notice Loki's Mischief?

Patrick Frye

Ragnarok's end of the world scenario is supposed to happen today according to Norse legend, but even the mighty Thor might take a nap today instead of riding into battle with the sons of Odin.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Chris Hemsworth revealed that Thor 3: Ragnarok is likely to be the name of the next Thor sequel. This rumor was given more credence when the screenplay writers for Thor 3 were announced since they had recently referenced end of the world scenarios. It's also rumored that the Agents Of Shield TV show might feature Thor in some fashion in order to set up the sequel.

If you want to check out all the details about the Ragnarok legend I suggest clicking on this link. For today we talk about the party! (Wait... I thought Ragnarok was supposed to be about the end of the world?)

The real life town of York is throwing a party to celebrate the coming of Ragnarok in true Norse fashion. We're assuming this will involve little fighting (drunken brawling with bearded men?) but instead focus on parades and other festivities. The Jorvik Viking Centre is hosting it all and they've already announced the arrival of the Viking gods:

— JORVIK Viking Centre (@JorvikViking) February 21, 2014

— Martin Wagner (@wagnerfilm) February 22, 2014