Crying Kurt Cobain Statue Unveiled In Aberdeen, Fans Aren’t Impressed

A crying Kurt Cobain statue was recently unveiled in the singer’s hometown of Aberdeen, Washington. However, some fans don’t believe the bizarre artwork does the musician justice.

The folks in Aberdeen celebrated the first annual Kurt Cobain Day on Cobain’s birthday (February 20), an event designed to help fans and residents honor the Nirvana frontman. The festivities included the unveiling of a statue crafted in the singer’s likeness, though many people think it really bears and uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ.

Of course, the folks at Gawker weren’t nearly as diplomatic in their description of the crying Kurt Cobain statue. Instead of simply paraphrasing their description, we’ll present it here in all its bitter glory.

The website explained:

“This is the sad-sack vision of the Cobain statue: the figure as gray as Aberdeen’s skies and gravel piles, leaning over an acoustic guitar, crying like a miserable hippie.”

Yikes. That’s probably not the reaction sculptor Randi Hubbard was hoping to receive after the Kurt Cobain statue made its debut earlier this week. According to Rolling Stone, Hubbard began working on her tribute to Cobain after the singer passed away back in 1994. The statue reportedly sat inside Hubb’s Muffler Shop for the better part of two decades.

Check out some photos of the artwork in question below.

Here’s hoping Hubbard doesn’t spend too much time looking up reactions to her crying Kurt Cobain statue this weekend. Judging from the reaction on websites and social media, very few people are impressed with the tribute she crafted for the late singer.

However, Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson hopes people will flock from all over the planet to visit the statue in the Nirvana frontman’s hometown over the next few years. Simpson told USA Today that he wants Kurt Cobain Day to become as big as Graceland.

Unfortunately, it would appear that most people would visit the statue just to shake their heads or the fists. People aren’t exactly happy with how the statue portrays Cobain.

What do you think about the crying Kurt Cobain statue? Is it a fitting tribute to the late singer or an abomination?