Wolf Hoax Video By Kate Hansen Just A Jimmy Kimmel Prank For Sochi

The wolf hoax photos and videos from Kate Hansen have been pouring in from the Sochi Olympics via social media, but it soon became obvious that Jimmy Kimmel orchestrated this prank.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Talking Angela hoax claims the children’s app is actually a front for pedophiles to spy on your kids. Another hoax involved a fake birthday invite that supposedly insulted two homosexual men, but the radio DJs who created it insist they were just trying to raise awareness.

Kate Hansen started the whole wolf hoax with this tweet:

Even from the start people were suspicious of the wolf hoax because Hansen has apparently cried wolf in the past over other pranks. So people began investigating whether Sochi was supposedly being overtaken by wolves (after all, if a wolf can just sneak in on the Olympians then what chance does security have against the Muslim terrorist threat from the black widows?). And, as might be expect, Kate Hansen and Jimmy Kimmel were “putin” us on according to an official statement:

“US Olympic luger Kate Hansen tweeted a video that showed a wolf wandering the hallways of her dorm in Sochi. Within minutes almost every news and sports website ran a story on it. The thing is, it was all a prank we orchestrated with Kate as Jimmy’s co-conspirator.”

They also came clean about the wolf hoax on the show:

Another version of the wolf prank video also shows a skier shuffling down the hallway decked out in full Olympic regalia. This skier then cries out that he’s looking for his missing wolf.

So what did the Sochi Olympics officials think about the wolf hoax? Hansen did say she’s had some unspecified “backlash” but perhaps she’s just getting pranked herself. After all, International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams said, “It made me kind of laugh as an individual, not as an IOC spokesman. I don’t think there’s any harm done. I don’t think it’s anything serious.” Sochi organising committee spokeswoman Alexandra Kosterina said, “We’ve seen lots of fake photos and fake videos. It’s their business if they want to do that. It’s OK. People are having fun.”

What do you think about the wolf hoax video?