Rihanna Anti-Gay Comment Was Fake, Benvoy Seals Admits

Rihanna never made anti-gay comments on Instagram, the real perpetrator has now admitted after a controversy erupted over the alleged remarks.

The allegations against Rihanna came from gay fan Benvoy Seals, who claimed that Rihanna insulted him for being gay. The alleged interaction took place in Rihanna’s comment section.

Benvoy wrote: “Rihanna u going to hell girl”

Someone using Rihanna’s username then responded: “Arnt you gay?… Nuff said blah!”

The anti-gay comments seemed largely out of place for Rihanna, who just last week showed her support for gay rights in Russia by wearing a hat that read “P6,” which stands for Principle 6, an effort to end Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.

It turns out there was good reason the comment seemed out of place. In an interview with TMZ, Benvoy Seals admitted that he faked the anti-gay comment from Rihanna.

“I lied. I don’t know why. I just did,” he said.

To make matters worse, the comment was made underneath one of Rihanna’s birthday posts.

Seals said he received countless death threats, and has since deleted the Instagram image and replaced it with an apology that read: “The picture is a fake. Rihanna would never say something like that. I apologize on my behalf. I clearly wasn’t thinking. Sorry Rihanna if I ‘F’ up your birthday.”

It’s unclear how much the event may have phased Rihanna. As friend Katy Perry admitted, the “Umbrella” singer doesn’t put too much stock in the tabloids or criticism from so-called fans.

“[Rihanna] is so down to earth, but also so wild! We share a lot of stuff when we get together. I’m drawn to genuine personalities and people who aren’t affected by this spotlight – Ria is so unaffected,” Perry explained.

Rihanna herself never commented on the fake anti-gay comment from Benvoy Seals.