Finally the McCourt’s have reached a settlement…sort of

Mr. and Mrs. (former) McCourt have reached a divorce settlement. IT comes far to late in the process to let either of them retain control of the team as many reports are now saying that there is no chance in hell Frank can make his next payroll payment. It is really hard to fathom that a simple divorce proceedings helped take down the owners of a team like the Dodgers. Once upon a time, this was the most significant team in all of sports, and even into my lifetime, they were a much-storied franchise.

This took 20 months or so to get done, and why to people whom no longer want to spend much time together would want to duke, it out in divorce court for this long is way beyond me. However, the deal is dependent on the Dodgers being allowed to accept the deal with Fox TV. Since Major League Baseball has already let it be known they will not let that happen, it would seem the McCourt’s have nothing more to look forward too than another 20 months bickering with each other in court.

While this is a funny, sad kind of story, it really underscores the point that Bud Selig and the 30 MLB owners have really not done their homework when looking to new ownership for their 30 franchises. Since the Houston Astros have recently been sold to, another man with a questionable history one has to wonder when enough of these mistakes will eventually lead to MLB getting in deeper than it could ever hope to get out of.